D H Vadivalla & Co dives in to meet this uncertainty head-on and become the client’s trusted partner. We help you weather turbulent times as well as calm periods so your business can maintain its forward momentum and thrive in today’s dynamic environment. We work to deliver value, and assist clients in sustaining their businesses while propelling them towards smart growth and expansion.

Diagnostic review of processes

  • Comprehensive review of the existing processes ( manual and system ) and identifying the gaps.
  • Mapping areas that would need detailed study to add value to the organization.
  • Detailed flowcharts for each function are developed.
  • Step-wise description of each process within the function is captured in the SOP.
  • Identifying the risks associated with the function and mapping the same with key Risk Mitigating solutions
  • Preparing of Risk Governance Matrix.

Capex review and reporting

  • Comparison of Budget with the Actual Spend
  • Verification of all supporting documents that form a backup for the Actual Spend.
  • Physical verification of assets.
  • Preparation of Fixed Asset Register (FAR).

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